Puppy Auction Race Series

Dapto Greyhound Puppy Classic Final 520m – December 2016

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Urgent Media Release

Greyhound racing in NSW will be shut down with racing to conclude on 30 June 2017,

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Race 1 10.00 am Maiden Pup 520M 1 Jake Phillip Goodsell 3 Ben Ruth King 5 Jacko Bill Barlow 7 Sooty Julie Brodie Race 2 10.05am Maiden Pup 520M 2 Opal Robert Stojanov 4 Bazza Dee Daryl Dunnell 6 Rocky Garry Williams 8 Manzanares Phillip Cini Race 3 10.10am Maiden 297M 1 Marty Trevor Rice 3 Gus Loretta Rice 5 Zeke Mary Wright 7 Chelsea Donna Campbell Race 4 10.15am Maiden Pup 297M 2 Tara Trevor Rice 4 Hope Valetta McDonald 6 Ronnie Dee Daryl Dunnell 8 Frances Trevor Rice Race 5 10.20am Performed 520m 1 Sprite Mary Wright 3 Lucky Loretta Rice 5 Best On Broadway Trevor Rice 7 Race 6 10.25am Maiden 520M 2 Brodie Frank Micallef 4 Sherlock Cliff Bell 6 Brooke Jelous Trevor Rice 8 Greenie Phillip Goodsell Race 7 10.30am Performed 297M 1 Sam Dee Daryl Dunnell 3 Clancy Bruce Gale 5 Lilly Donna Campbell 7 Honey Dee Daryl Dunnell Race 8 10.35am Pup 297M 2 Xena Donna Campbell 4 Hannah Trevor Rice 6 Mitch Robert Stojanov 8 Misty Trevor Rice Race 9 10.40am Maiden Pup 520M 1 Morg’s Cliff Bell 3 Harrison Valetta McDonald 5 Wolfy Robert Stojanov 7 Billy Bill Barlow Race 10.45am Performed 520M 2 Tails Phillip Goodsell 4 Ellie Gary Fernie 6 Darcy Phillip Goodsell 8 Race 11 10.50am Maiden 297M 1 Simone Rodney Kidd 3 Beer Can Billy John Gannon 5 Olaf Frank Micallef 7 Big Bruce Alan Croker Race 12 11.00am Maiden Pup 297M 2 Duke Dale Hall 4 Bonnie Trevor Rice 6 Blackie Rodney Kidd 8 Zoe Trevor Rice Race 13 11.05am Performed 520M 1 Chizel Cliff Bell 3 Bruiser Robert Stojanov 7 Chester Cliff Bell Race 14 11.10am Performed 297M 2 Connie Donna Campbell 6 Tessa Bella Trevor Rice Race 15 11.15am Masters 297M 1 Rowdy Donna Campbell 3 Lucy Donna campbell The Gymkhana Draw for 23rd July 2016
will the gymkahna draws be here ?
Dapto A & E Society & Dapto Greyhound will be contacting a Gymkhana on Saturday 23rd July 4 dog fields Catering for 520m 297m 600m dogs Pups Maidens performance dogs Noms close @ Dapto 10am Friday Phone 4261 1080
Owners,Trainers & Staff Dapto will be racing early on Thursday Night FIRST RACE 6.58 KENNELLING 5.26 pmtill 6.11pm See you all there on Thursday Night x

Contact Us.

Dapto Showground 

89 Princes Highway, Dapto  NSW  2530

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

PH: 02 4261 1080

FAX: 02 4262 1513





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