If you’re looking to adopt a dog, look no further than a greyhound


Gentle Temperament

Retired greyhounds are gentle, highly affectionate dogs that prefer to lounge around the house (sleeping up to 20 hours a day), making them the perfect house pet. Greyhounds rarely bark and are more likely to retreat from enthusiastic children rather than snapping or growling at them.

Healthy Breed

Greyhounds are renowned for their superior health, particularly amongst large breed dogs. Unlike any other breed, greyhounds have been selectively bred for performance not appearance. Serious health problems associated with large dogs such as hip dysplasia are almost unheard of amongst greyhounds. Greyhounds live an average 12 to 14 years.

Cheap To Feed

Greyhounds are smaller eaters, a balanced diet of pet mince and kibble with the occasional serve of veggies will keep them well fed. It can cost as little as $10/week to keep a greyhounds belly full.

Low Exercise Demand

Greyhounds don’t need vast amounts of space, in fact they thrive in smaller urban spaces where they prefer to roll up into a ball and sleep the day away. Despite the common perception that greyhounds are full of energy and therefore need long walks, greyhounds actually expel energy in short bursts. A 15-20 minute daily walk will keep them happy.

Minimal Grooming

Greyhounds are very low maintenance. They have short coats with very little oil in their skin, which means they have minimal shedding and don’t have the trademark ‘dog smell’. For this reason a bath 2-3 times a year is more than enough to keep your pooch clean.


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